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Newly Qualified Architects – Rashed Mustafa & Matt Hinkins

We are delighted to announce the promotion of two very talented team members from architectural assistants, to fully qualified Architects following the undertaking of professional exams and coursework at Oxford Brookes University. This follows many years of hard work both at university and in the workplace to develop the breadth of professional skills needed to carry out the Architect’s duties.

Since joining West Waddy after their post-graduate qualifications, both Matt and Rashed have worked on a wide range of projects within the practice, ranging from new build residential to heritage and conservation work. It is this range of experience, and their proven ability to rise to all the challenges presented to them, that made it certain they would both sail through the examination.

It goes without saying that the team here at West Waddy are immensely proud of their achievement. Though a huge career milestone, in many ways it is just the beginning of a long pursuit to create and innovate in the field of the built environment. As newly qualified architects, Matt and Rashed will continue developing in their knowledge and judgement through their commitment to ‘Continued Professional Development’ which is a cornerstone of professional practice.

Recently, Matt has gained valuable experience in the design and delivery of extensions and alterations to a listed medieval barn, a HLF community project that is both complex and rewarding in its future benefit to the community. Works are scheduled to complete on site in mid 2020.

Rashed has worked on a number of residential projects from conversion to new build, delivering projects on site through involvement in every RIBA work stage. These expertise will be put to use throughout 2020 as Rashed oversees the construction of 19 residential units at Richards House, Didcot, for completion in 2021.

Congratulations again to both!

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