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Government plan to transform Oxford-Cambridge Arc into UK’s fastest growing economic region

Announced today (18th February) by Housing Minister Rt Hon Christopher Pincher is an ambitious plan to unleash the economic and cultural potential of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, to transform it into one of the world’s premier growth corridors and a world-leader in sustainability. A spatial framework plan will be developed by 2022 helping to create thousands of jobs, drive investment, and protect and enhance the environment. Most importantly for delivery the Government intend to establish a new single voice for the area – an Arc Growth Body – to drive and support economic growth. This has been one of the key demands from those engaged in promoting the opportunities that the Arc offers.

Coming out of the Covid pandemic special emphasis must be given to the health and wellbeing of those who live and work in the region as well as to sustainability and environmental impacts. There are significant challenges ahead in combining the economic, technological and employment benefits of growth whilst at the same time protecting and  enhancing the natural environment.

At West Waddy we are excited at the commitment shown by Government  towards promoting the Arc  and we look forward to working with our clients and partners in progressing the opportunities that will arise in planning and developing sustainable design solutions.

For more detail on this announcement see :