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Prototype settlement to enhance the OXCAM connection

Our WWADP team recently took part in a national competition, submitting a prototype settlement to enhance the OXCAM connection, creatively linking existing links and proposed infrastructure with placemaking.

National Infrastructure Commission and Malcolm Reading Consultants launched the ideas competition. Competitors were invited to submit ideas for future development, and related development typologies, across the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford growth corridor.

We responded to the challenge creating a visionary new Smart City ‘Locus’. A key driver behind the economic success of our prototype settlement was adjacency and enhanced connectivity of research institutions to their commercial partners and their consumer base.

The Smart City infrastructure included a driver-less city centre with autonomous public transport, smart waste movement, energy-from-waste plants, urban farming and low-light crop production, ‘smart-deck’ infrastructure bridging over transport and utilities.

The competition provided a great opportunity for our team to demonstrate their creativity and placemaking skills with a prototype that explored new typologies and demonstrated understanding of emerging technologies.

Here’s our ideas for integrating placemaking and infrastructure in the UK’s leading growth corridor: OXCAM Competition