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Parliamentary Debate at Palace of Westminster

Appearing on behalf of the RIBA Planning Group, partner Philip Waddy spoke at a Parliamentary Debate today at the Palace of Westminster entitled : Connected Cities – Public Transport as an integrated link for Brownfield and Greenfield Development.

By 2050 the UK population is predicted to increase by 15 million to 78 million and this is expected to place great stress on an already overworked infrastructure – especially in the South East. Connected Cities is a simple concept based upon growth adjacent to existing railway lines with high density, walkable settlements of no greater than 1 km radius focussed upon new rail stations and linked together using the rail corridor to form ‘Connected Cities’.

The concept is particularly relevant to the Oxford – Cambridge Arc where East West rail  already exists for much of the route. By developing adjacent to existing and new rail stations and preserving all land between as ‘protected’ countryside the 1 million new homes required to be built by 2050 could at least in part be catered for using this methodology. Being walkable means little if any reliance on the private car so residential densities can be increased making better use of land and encouraging a more healthy lifestyle.

Speaking alongside Philip were Rupert Walker, Strategy and Planning Director for Network Rail and Matt Thompson Head of Planning for CPRE along with Camilla Wren, Head of Communications for Connected Cities.

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