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Ede Homes – A House Builder with a difference?

We are delighted at West Waddy, to announce that our client, Ede Holdings have been ranked one of the ‘Financial Times’ top 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe. This is a fantastic achievement with Ede being the 3rd fastest growing property developer in the UK.

Ede stand out with their unmistakable high quality developments, their dedication, commitment and hard work in creating something special which is not about “house building” but in fact is “placemaking”.

As a long standing family business, Ede are also the 5th longest running company on the entire FT list of 1000 companies.

“…It is very exciting to see how we are expanding at such a rate, whilst also having so much history behind us. We are extremely proud of our wonderful team and subcontractors and also want to say a huge thank you to our amazing customers!…”

You can find the list on the Financial Times’ website at The full ranking will appear in the Financial Times newspaper on April 30th, as part of a special report entitled FT1000: Europe’s fastest-growing companies.