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Public Consultation

Land North of Jeffersons Piece, Charlbury


On behalf of Lagan Homes, we present a consultation for a residential development for around 40-50 dwellings on Land North of Jeffersons Piece, Charlbury. Information will be live until the end of 14th July 2017.

West Waddy ADP are preparing a full planning application for the development of around 40-50 dwellings, and public open space at Charlbury.

It is our intention to submit a full planning application to the Local Planning Authority. However, prior to this we welcome your views on the Draft Concept we have developed, and the key principles which we have considered.

The proposal would include a range of home sizes and types, and would comprise 50% affordable housing.

Information has been supplied to local residents to canvas their views and ideas, and will be considered and reviewed as part of the design process. This information is also available to download (right).

Please submit your comments on the form provided on this page, between 30th June and 14th July.

Thank you for your time.

* Please note the original consultation leaflet contained an error in which it made reference to Charlbury as a ‘village’. We fully recognise that Charlbury is a ‘town’ and we have updated our consultation material accordingly.

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